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Toyota Australia set to release 5 new hybrid vehicles

With the rise in fuel prices steadily increasing (and no hint at stopping), corporate motor company Toyota has decided to capitalise on the boom in Hybrid vehicles.

Toyota has released their plans for introducing five new hybrid vehicles during the next two-and-a-half years.

Whilst Toyota are yet to confirm four out-of-the five of the car models they will convert, they have released that the all-new Rav4 medium SUV hybrid will be arriving in 2019.

Toyota Australia’s decision to expand their fleet of hybrid vehicles was influenced by the strong buying demand for their latest Japanese-built hybrid Camry.

Toyota Australia's Vice President, National Sales and Marketing, Sean Hanley said, “The hybrid system in the latest generation Camry, for instance, offers more power than the four-cylinder petrol version, yet consumes half the amount of fuel at just 4.5 litres/100km.”

“As a result, owners travelling an annual average of 15,000km could save up to $900 a year at the pump, based on the current national average retail petrol price of $1.59 a litre.”

Mr Hanley also reiterated the obvious influence the rise in fuel prices had by stating, “No matter what happens with petrol prices, Toyota offers motorists a way to save on their fuel bill.”

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