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Never Alone: BMW Introducing a Personal Assistant to your Drive

BMW is well known for being the Customer Experience Experts in the motor industry. As expected, they are now seeking new ways to expand their customer's experiences by introducing new technology which will read your emotions as you drive.

New technology advancements are inspiring the BMW brand to explore the virtual assistance service that has been used by corporate companies such as Apple and Android. 

It may seem a little far-fetched hower BMW are looking to implement this 'Siri' alike service within the next 2 years. Through installing cameras and voice activation systems into BMW's vehicle designs, cars will soon be able to personalise everyone's driving experience by reading our moods.

For example, if we say, "Hey BMW, I'm cold." The personal assistant will roll up the windows, activate seat warming functions and turn on the heater. 

It is expected that this technology will take a while to perfect, yet it will be interesting to review how well car owners take to this newly added service.

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Source: Carsguide