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Faulty Airbag Crackdown on Negligent Car Owners

The Queensland Government of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have confirmed they will start undergoing tough new actions against drivers who don’t get their dodgy airbags fixed.

State authorities are threatening to cancel the registration of cars fitted with the most high-risk ‘Alpha’ airbags if owners continue to defer or ignore the repeated approaches by car companies to get them fixed.

More than 20 people have been killed globally by the deadly airbags, which have the possibility to shoot shrapnel at the passenger’s head if it is deployed.

It is recorded that about 12,000 of the airbags remain in circulation locally, creating great concern for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The ACCC is preparing a list of registrations for the state governments who have agreed to act against these negligent motorists.

It’s reported that the manufacturers have gone to great lengths to contact these car owners by hiring private investigators to track everyone down, however, some people still refuse to get their vehicle fixed.

A TMR spokesperson had said, “If a member of the community receives a defect notice, we strongly recommended they contact their local dealer/manufacturer immediately to have the vehicle repaired.”

“Failure to comply with the defect notice may result in the cancellation of registration for the vehicle.”

The Governments are being applauded by RACQ insurance’s head of technical and safety policy, Steve Spalding, for the consistent efforts to warn and protect Aussie drivers.

“If we can’t rely on car owners to protect themselves, then the State needs to step in. It’s not just about the car owner’s safety, these cars could be used as ride share vehicles or could be resold on to an unsuspecting buyer. There are just too many lives at stake,” he said.

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