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Extended Car Warranties: An added bonus to future proof your wallet

Buying a new car is a timely experience that we all put some serious thought towards. You do your research, you read countless reviews, you shop around, you do some more research and after much thought, you finally come to the conclusion of the ONE!

Purchasing a new car is a huge milestone and it’s an exciting time in your life. The thought of taking in that satisfying new car smell brings a slight smile to your face. But wait! Your thoughts are interrupted by the sickening feeling that won’t leave the back of your mind.

“What if something malfunctions in the future? What will happen after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out? How much will the repairs then cost me?”

This is where an extended car warranty can put you at ease.

What is a standard car warranty?

This is a warranty that is supplied by the manufacturer ensuring that your car will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you if there were to be a malfunction or defect. Typically this will cover you for 3 years or up to  60,000 kilometres, however, this varies for every car model.

What is an extended car warranty?

Extended car warranties are an added bonus that can future proof your car and wallet. It offers a hassle-free way of ensuring the costs of your vehicle is covered electrically and mechanically (in the event of a breakdown), once the standard car warranty has expired.

What are the benefits of an extended car warranty?

  • Little to no excess.
  • It gives you peace of mind for one of your biggest investments.
  • Protects you from expensive garage servicing, maintenance and repair bills.
  • It can cover the sophisticated technology in today’s advanced new cars (i.e. computer aid technology).
  • It can cover the high-performing mechanics of your vehicle down to the thousands of small engineering parts that are quite often forgotten.
  • You can arrange your coverage any time during the period of the manufacturer’s warranty. No upfront pressure!
  • Payment plans are available.

So before you purchase your next dream vehicle, consider an extended car warranty. It can save you thousands from those unwanted and unexpected costly repairs. Give yourself some peace of mind and sit down with your local Tony White Group dealership. Leave the showroom feeling confident and secure. With over 25 dealerships across Australia’s eastern states, find your closest dealership here.