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Driverless cars soon a reality for Audi

Audi has revealed plans for its first fully autonomous, electric vehicles, with a target of as soon as 2021. Plans for the German manufacturer are well underway for their pilot fleet of driverless, electric vehicles. While the Audi A8 is the first vehicle to offer a recognised level of autonomous driving at a level 3 standard, which allows the driver to hand over responsibility to the car and do other unrelated things, as long as they’re able to resume control within 10 seconds of being notified.

Audi’s goal to release a fully autonomous ‘level 5’ autonomous vehicle, under model, under the current ratings system dictated by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), means the the driver is not required at all – the vehicle does it all. It is rumoured that Audi will release more information on the pilot autonomous range over the coming months, so keep an eye on our website for more details.


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Source: Audi Australia