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Does a Dash Cam Recording Reduce The Likelihood of an Incident On The Road?

With road safety being an important factor in reducing vehicle accidents, dash cams have become extremely popular over the last few years. This popularity is mainly because a video recording of the incident can be very helpful in proportioning blame, particularly to the police and insurance companies.

Many employers install dash cams in their company vehicles, not only because they can use a video recording as evidence for an insurance claim, but also because they can keep an eye on the driving behaviour of their employees. After all, the video recording of a road incident is virtually an impartial witness to the event, so if a driver’s behaviour is in doubt, he or she can be exonerated or not, with the help of dash cam.

Many people, however, wonder whether a dash cam recording can actually increase road safety and at the same time, reduce the number of serious incidents on our roads. One way this might be achieved is if dash cams can really change driver behaviour for the better.

Employee driver safety and behaviour on the road

We have all seen poor driver behaviour on the road, anything from drivers that weave in and out of the traffic to driving over the speed limit or tailgating other vehicles. All of these behaviours can result in a serious incident on the road, many of which are often caught on a dash cam.

With road safety on everyone’s mind, it might be enough to change some people’s driving behaviour, simply knowing that their driving could be recorded by multiple dash cams. Not only that but when you install a dash cam in your vehicle, it actually records the speed at which you are driving, prior to the incident.

For employers, the police and insurers, speed can play a large part in apportioning blame, so the more people who install dash cams, the more drivers might reduce their speed on our roads. Many employers have actually found that the safety of their drivers on the road has improved, noting that their employees are starting to drive more defensively, reducing their speed and paying more attention to other drivers on the road.

As with GPS tracking for commercial vehicles, employers have noted that being constantly monitored does help to improve driver behaviour and increase driver safety on the road. Another benefit of installing a dash cam for employers is that as the behaviour of their drivers improves and safety increases, the number of insurance claims that are submitted are reduced accordingly, which in turn helps to keep premiums down.

Also, having a video recording of the incident usually helps to speed up any claims that are submitted. This is because it is often the time taken to find and record eyewitness statements that cause insurance claims to take so long to be processed. When there is little need for eyewitness accounts (due to a dash cam recording), then claims can be processed faster.

Increasing the safety of new drivers on our roads

Parents are always worried about the safety of their children when they first learn to drive. This is where a dash cam can help because parents can access the latest dash cam recording and review their driving habits.

If a parent notices that their teenager is always speeding, texting when they are driving or hollering out the car to other drivers, in fact, any type of disruptive or dangerous driving behaviour, then parents can address these issues before they escalate into a serious incident.

Parents might be happy to know that a recent government study has shown that dash cams can reduce risky driving behaviour in teenagers by as much as 70%, so as a matter of safety, it might be time to invest in a high-quality dash cam for your own or your teenager’s vehicle.

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