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Corporate Team

Tony White is a successful entrepreneur who has established and operated many dealerships throughout Australia. 

Tony holds a degree from Monash University in Economics and Accounting and has grown his organisation from a single Melbourne dealership to 25+ dealerships spanning as far south as the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria to Cairns in Far North Queensland. Tony enjoys his downtime with his wife and three children.

Tony is supported by a corporate team of experienced, like-minded professionals, which provide a platform for the Tony White Group to grow and prosper;

Sam Pagano – Group Financial Controller/Company Secretary

Julia White - Group Financial Accountant

Beth Rands - Corporate Support Officer

John Muchow – Group Manager - Fixed Operations

John Sayers – Group Manager - Finance & Aftermarket

Christo Filmalter – Group Accountant

Sandeep Jayakumar  – Group Internal Auditor Accountant

Doug Hoey – Group Manager – IT

Brian Cao - Senior Systems Administrator - IT

Andrea Romano - Senior Systems Administrator - IT

Nigel Maher – Senior Systems Administrator/Pentana Specialist – IT

Bob Scholz - Group Manager - Human Resources & WHS

Heath Worrall - Group Manager - Digital Marketing